Water for cultivation in the 21st century’s agriculture, a significant discovery of scientists and American Academies of Sciences, is developed by many governments in the program of World’s Food Security in order to save water, to improve community’s health….

This water full of energy can be made from natural water from rivers, springs, wells… even raining water we use every day. Normal water can be made into EZ water whose formula is H3O2 through a piece of equipment invented by scientists. The preeminence of EZ WATER is that not much water is used for cultivation, but trees can grow better from 30% – 50% compared with normal water. Moreover, EZ water also helps to improve the resistance of trees so that they can protect themselves from bad weather or climate change. This EZ water (Exclusion Zone) has the following features: negative charge, rich energy like a battery, electric charge to dissolve fertilizers and organic medicine for fast absorption, for root capillary opening and for optimized nutrition absorption of leaves, for much better photosynthesis of leaves.

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